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Frequently Asked Questions

As a company we are happy to provide you with all the information you would need to make the right purchase for you, our advisors have combined experience of over 50 years if you can not find the answer on our website then feel free to call on 0800 954 5453 between 9am-5pm and talk to one of our friend advisors.

Can I Claim VAT Relief?

You’ll only be able to have eligible goods VAT-free if you or the person you are buying for is chronically sick or disabled and the goods are for your personal or domestic use. You or the person you are buying for do not need to be registered disabled or eligible for any other benefit to qualify for VAT-free goods.

What is classed as ‘chronically sick or disabled’

For VAT purposes, you’re chronically sick or disabled if you have a:

physical or mental impairment which has a long term and substantial adverse effect on your ability to carry out everyday activities

condition that the medical profession treats as a chronic sickness (that’s a long term health condition)

For VAT purposes, the term ‘chronically sick or disabled’ does not include a person who’s only temporarily disabled or incapacitated, for example with a broken limb or someone who’s elderly but is not chronically sick or disabled.

You do not need permission or to provide evidence to declare that you’re disabled or chronically sick.

If you’re not sure if your condition means you’re chronically sick or disabled you may wish to consult your doctor or other medical adviser.

For more information on this please see the website we have provided links below to the guidance we believe are useful.

Please see the following link for Get VAT relief on certain goods if you have a disability.

General Questions

Q: Do you buy mobility scooters? A: Yes we do buy mobility scooters please contact.

Q: Other companies offer lower price, why are you higher? A: They do but we offer a full service we like our customer to have the peace of mind and know they are in safe hands when it comes to there purchase which is why we offer up to a 12 month warranty with our products.

Q: Do you part exchange mobility products? A: No we do not part exchange mobility products for our prices.

Q: What happens if I do not like the product? A: With anything you buy online you have a 14 Day Cancellation period.

Q: How long does it take to deliver my mobility equipment? A: If you live within 200 Miles We aim for 3-5 Working Days, Outside of this area 7-14 Day however, due to the current situation we are not always able to meet these but we do try our very best.

What questions should you ask when buying a mobility product privately or from a mobility dealer.

Q: What batteries are on this machine?

Q: How old is the machine?

Q: Has it been serviced?

Q: Does everything work on the machine?

Q: What is the history of the machine?