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Batteries & Chargers

Why we use Strident Batteries & Chargers?

Today it is apparent that there is no universal battery to fit every application, at Strident we recognized this, investing in R & D and extensive product testing. We have successfully developed a battery that is perfectly suited for the medical market, one that will sustain high demands of constant use and will perform to a high number of cycles. This battery gives dependent users the confidence of freedom and power when and where they need it.

The Strident brand carries many unique properties; from raw material purity, which makes up the plate composition, through to paste type that gives the battery its charge performance. The absorbent glass matting texture and electrolyte velocity all have major contributing factors to a high performing battery. Strident is respected for high performance and reliability in both AGM and Gel technologies.

And the technical piece..

Valve Regulated
The highest specification of valve equipment is used in the Strident brand to allow the required level of venting both in use and more importantly during the charge process.
Quality Assured
Every Strident battery undergoes stringent quality control both at manufacture stage and pre-despatch ensuring you receive only the most reliable source of power. Our highly automated central UK warehousing facilities operates a strict FIFO stock rotation system resulting in all goods despatched being in peak condition every time.
Plate Separator
A critical component to high performing batteries. Strident use superior glass matting to ensure consistent plate contact resulting in increased battery efficiency and longevity.
Plate Composition
Purified lead specifically blended with critical conductive properties gives the Strident range superior performance during both cyclic and standby applications.

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